Guide to Buying CCC

You’ll need XLM to buy CCC currently.

You can buy XLM from Lobster

Go through the GET STARTED part of Lobstr

After verifying your e-mail address you will then create a wallet.


IMPORTANT: Copy all the 12 Words and keep them safe.

Give your wallet a name if you want.

On the Main Page, your e-mail should be in the top right corner of the screen with part of a large combo of letters and numbers that starts with a G….

Next to the email is a pull down list and you can use the copy function, this will be your Public Key or you can get it from the next step.

IMPORTANT: Save your Public Key somewhere safe like the 12 Words.

Now got to settings. It will show you your Stellar address, which is also your Public Key and also under Secret Key click REVEAL SECRET KEY

IMPORTANT: Copy your Secret Key some place safe like the two things before it. All three are extremely important to save and keep safe.


Click BUY LUMENS (which are XLM) and you’ll be direct to Moonpay.

It says it can take an hour to process, but usually processes in minutes.

After the money is in your Lobstr account Click Here to open up the Stellarport Exchange.

Now, you can use Market or Limit Buys to buy CCC and when it pops-up to sign in, don’t bother creating an account. Use the Login with my: and use your new Secret Key.